Orthotic and Prosthetic Activities Foundation (OPAF) Board Nomination Form

Thank you for responding to our call for nominations. We appreciate your interest in our organization and look forward to learning more about you through a self- or a second-party nomination.
Please print your responses below. Thank you.

Nominees should have appropriate background, a history of 501(c)(3) nonprofit committee/volunteer work alongside a familiarity with and dedication to fundraising, and a strong commitment to the primary mission of the Fund: Enabling individuals served by members of the O & P community to enjoy the rewards of personal achievement, physical fitness and social interaction.


  • Please include a brief (2-page) CV or resume outlining your (or your nominee’s) relevant background. Please include any specific professional skills and abilities, especially as they relate to 501(c)(3) nonprofit board service, that you would like the committee to know about you or your nominee.

  • In an essay no shorter than 250 words, and no longer than 500, please explain in detail your qualifications for and interest in service on the OPAF Board of Directors.

Please direct questions to Robin Burton, OPAF Executive Director at 980-819-9404 or

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