First Stride and First Things First

First Stride and First Things First provides physical therapists, prosthetists, and individuals with lower limb loss an introduction to gait training with a prosthesis; outcome measures; and fall risk, prevention, and recovery. This clinic can help participants build confidence when walking with a prosthesis and increase their safety in the event of a fall.

The full-day training is divided into a morning session for physical therapists and prosthetists and an afternoon session for physical therapists and individuals with lower limb loss.

The morning session includes a review of the gait cycle and Medicare’s K-Level functional level classification system and the various types of prosthetic feet and knees and their capabilities. Fall risk and fall prevention will also be discussed.

The afternoon session brings together physical therapists and individuals with lower limb loss. Clinic participants will be taught exercises to help build core strength and walk more effectively with a prosthesis. The clinic instructor will demonstrate how to fall and how to recover from a fall. Individual participants are encouraged to join in this practice session.

First Stride and First Things First is offered free of charge to all participants. However, registration is required.

Upcoming First Stride Clinics

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What People Are Saying

Bridgeport, West Virginia
"It's easy to find fall prevention training, but not easy to find training in safe falls and recovery. This clinic successfully tackled the difficult task of training Clinicians and patients in fall strategies and recovery."
- Ann Devine-King, PT
"Well thought-out course with a new perspective to treatment."
- Gebrielle Way, PTA
"Would love to have the slides from the PowerPoint presentation to reference for my patient education. Would have liked more time to practice movements on each other prior to patients."
- Kristi Shaver, PTA
"This was my first CEU course and I thought highly of it."
- Amber McKenna, PTA
"I really enjoyed the hands on to practice part of the course. Chris did a great job presenting."
- Nicole Papageorgiou, DPT
- Anonymous
"Great time!"
- Donald Shepherd, participant
"I learned a lot."
- Larry Phillips, participant
"Thank you! Please come again!"
- Doug Horning, participant
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