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OPAF First Swim Clinics

OPAF's First Swim™ offers adaptive techniques in the water to amputees and those with physical challenges. First Swim was designed to help this special population feel more comfortable in and around the water. Amputees tell us that they feel most comfortable and "normal" in the water, as the issue of weight bearing is removed. Our goal is to help this population return to an activity that they once thought had been taken from them and help them feel at ease both with themselves and with others in the pool. Returning to any activity after a traumatic accident is difficult enough. Add to that the aspect of looking different and having to cope with everyday activities that have now become a challenge can lead to apathy, lethargy and depression. First Swim gives each participant the knowledge and the skills to get back in the water within a controlled experience and with swim coaches and instructors at the ready.

First Swim clinics generally run 2-3 hours in length and involve both one on one and group instruction. We bring together swim coaches and swimmers with years of experience who will take each attendee individually and work with them to improve their strokes and their skills in the water. Our goal is to give them the tools necessary for them to return to swimming as a regular activity. An equally important aspect of First Swim is the socialization that occurs between participants. They find themselves with others facing physical challenges, yet working to maintain an active lifestyle and enjoying life. We endeavor to give them an activity that they can pursue on their own or with others that will keep them moving and allow them to improve their health. This can often postpone or possibly prevent future surgeries or amputations.

If you would like more information on First Swim or would be interested in hosting a First Swim clinic for your patients, please contact OPAF at 980-819-9404.

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